Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year, January is here and Ive now got time to update my blog december was a extremly busy month and I was kept busy right up until Christmas eve, the weather provided a challenge most of the month and all wreath making got moved into the house!! as everything outside got compleatly frozen up our downstairs bathroom was full of mossed bases, raffia and pheasent feathers (which the dogs kept eating!) and I even ended up keeping all my other sundies in the kitchen cupboards(it was too cold to keep popping out to the shed!) also getting holly and greenary and delivaries proved difficult too Dad was a very usefull taxi to The Flower Bank and to Greystoke Castle, he was really glad he had new snow tyres on the pick up, despite this the countryside looked beautifull and it inspired me to create a new style wreath- a mossed heart base, with ivy with a touch of silver or gold and either cones or birch bark very winter wonderland.

Christmas 2010

Hello, here a few pictures of a very busy December, the wreaths we for sale at 'wrapped'@Greystoke Castle, the day started with very heavy snow in Penrith, but all went ahead luckily dad transported me in the pick up!Despite the snow I had a sucessful day and really enjoyed it!

This was the hanging holly balls with fresh chillies and raffia outside the Yanwath Gate Inn, and this one below is various arrangements and door hangings waiting to be delivered!