Tuesday, 26 July 2011

July part 2!

Later that week I had a wedding Sarah and Lukes, Ive done flowers for Hannah, Sarahs cousin and see her parents Pat and David who are The Granary Studio photographers at wedddings which weve both done, so they were over the moon that one of their daughters was getting married! The wedding was a mixture of cultures as Sarah was marrying Luke whose family are Jamican the majority of the flowers were and English Vintage theme using mainly roses namely Memeory Lane and Faith, with the bride having a all white bouquet of roses, sweet peas and astrantia. In the church I added a selection of carribean leaves and flowers alomg with bold liillies to reflect the Jamican side, some of these later went to Rheghed for the evening party!

A very busy July -part one!!

July is nearly over and its been a really busy month not suprising really as its one of the most popular months for wedding (its when me and Lee got married!), the month started with Caroline and Steves wedding at Knipe Hall with a white and green colour theme, and very natural bunches of spray roses, lizzy, green cars, limnium and green bell in Caroline lace decorated vases, in the barn where they married there was two large hearts and candlelabras , Caroline pictures were better than mine so have a look at my facebook page for better ones!

After a very sucessfull wedding there was no time for a break as the following week I had a funeral and a wedding, the funeral included a unusual request for a watering can which I've never made before luckily The Flower Bank had a base in stock, my next challenge was what to cover it with as I didnt want to cover it with the usual sprayed silver xthans so I decided to use lots of garden materials including moss, Albert and Marions allotment poppy heads, green xthans and blue thistles, here is a picture of the result