Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Lonely Bouquet

Today Sunday 30th June is the 1st International Lonely Bouquet day.
The idea has been created by Emily a florist and flower grower from Belgium - Fleuropean.
Via Facebook Emily has encouraged florists around the world to make up bouquets, known as "Lonely Bouquets
and leave them in public places for people to "adopt" , a notice is attached explaining what they are and if you're able to upload where the Lonely Bouquet has got to!
I made 3 and left them at various places in the Penrith area , here are the pictures of two of them, I know that one has gone , but who knows where?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Some new photos

Hello! Here are a few new photos! I've not got too much new things to go on here as I'm waiting for some photos to come back, while looking at some photos of a recent wedding I found some of a wedding I did a few years ago on The Granary Studios website, most of these were taken at Sarah and Eds wedding in Kirkby Thore two summers ago- she had lovely roses in all her bouquets I remember the green ones smelling lovely! The other picture is of 3 bouquets at Dawn and Jaco s wedding at Crosby Ravensworth ( where I grew up). There's also a photo at the church gate- up here in Cumbria we have a tradition where locals will 'tie the gates' during the church service and before the happy couple are allowed out have to throw money over! Children love it and its always taken in good spirits!