Friday, 26 April 2013

A busy week!

This week has been quite busy starting with a trip to 'Petals' of Brough, which my friend Denise has opened it was great to see all the improvements they've made and I wish them all the best! I've bought a new picture called Hostas in acrylics by Margaret Jones I've admired it for 2 years as I love hostas and have at last given into temptation and got it, the hostas in the picture are at Chapelside Garden in Mungrisdale which is open in the National Garden Scheme!
Today on my way to Sharrow Bay I called in to have a tour of Ullswater 'steamers' Western Belle as I have a bride having a trip on it on her wedding day and would like it decorated, so thanks to the crew for the tour. Lastly while at Sharrow Bay a guest (Joan Woodhead) gave us a spare bunch of roses , we dont normally receive flowers from guests , but it turns out she had been exhibiting at Harrogate Spring Flower Show. Her exhibit is called 'Mediterranean Oddessy' as mam and dad are there they took a picture for me and she came second too!
Next week looks equally busy with a wedding at Knipe Hall two demonstrations for Pennine and Eden Valley YFC,s and a night out at Centre Parcs.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring wedding

On Saturday was my first wedding of the season, the weather was beautiful clear skies and sunshine! Despite this we managed to get stuck on a snowdrift when delivering the table jam jars to Knipe Hall ( looking good with a new floor and doors on the dairy ) Josie and Pete were married at Martindale Church above Howtown, Josie and her family got ready from Howtown Hotel a lovely place, the pictures show the flower girls in the garden with their gyp headbands, each one takes an hour to make!