Friday, 8 November 2013


A little blog for autumn - had a lovely day out at my Wholesaler The Flower Bank's annual Christmas open day - early October may be too soon for most of us to think about Christmas , but as usual I managed to pick up some great ideas from demonstrator Helen Jamison to use on some of my Christmas demos! I took mam and the boys along and enjoyed the tea then the 5pm hog roast!!
To follow are a few photos of some flowers I've done recently the bouquet was very autumny filled with red lillies, eucalptptus, Kermit chrysanths and hypericum berries.
The mini milk churns were in church for my nephews christening we then took them back for the 'do'.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The George -wedding fair

Hello to all of you that came along to the wedding fair today. I really enjoyed it , having got up early ( 6am!) and gone along to my great wholesalers, The Flower Bank and selected some dill, peach avalanche roses, aconitum and poppy heads along with Phils dahlias and snapdragons!
I made a large arrangement in an urn, two table arrangements at both ends of the budget, buttonholes and a handtied bouquet.
It was lovely to meet some brides that have booked me who popped along to finalise things and hopefully some brides to be! So if you liked what you saw please give a email, Facebook or a ring! Also a hello to the other suppliers that I met! XLaura

Friday, 6 September 2013

Wedding Fair at The George Hotel, Penrith

Hello, after a very hectic few weeks ( 5 weddings!) things are settling down!
I will be at The George Hotel in Penrith's Wedding Fair from 12-4 pm on Sunday 8th September- come along and say hello and have a chat about your wedding ideas!
Meanwhile here's a couple of photos from the past 5 weddings

Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Lonely Bouquet

Today Sunday 30th June is the 1st International Lonely Bouquet day.
The idea has been created by Emily a florist and flower grower from Belgium - Fleuropean.
Via Facebook Emily has encouraged florists around the world to make up bouquets, known as "Lonely Bouquets
and leave them in public places for people to "adopt" , a notice is attached explaining what they are and if you're able to upload where the Lonely Bouquet has got to!
I made 3 and left them at various places in the Penrith area , here are the pictures of two of them, I know that one has gone , but who knows where?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Some new photos

Hello! Here are a few new photos! I've not got too much new things to go on here as I'm waiting for some photos to come back, while looking at some photos of a recent wedding I found some of a wedding I did a few years ago on The Granary Studios website, most of these were taken at Sarah and Eds wedding in Kirkby Thore two summers ago- she had lovely roses in all her bouquets I remember the green ones smelling lovely! The other picture is of 3 bouquets at Dawn and Jaco s wedding at Crosby Ravensworth ( where I grew up). There's also a photo at the church gate- up here in Cumbria we have a tradition where locals will 'tie the gates' during the church service and before the happy couple are allowed out have to throw money over! Children love it and its always taken in good spirits!

Friday, 26 April 2013

A busy week!

This week has been quite busy starting with a trip to 'Petals' of Brough, which my friend Denise has opened it was great to see all the improvements they've made and I wish them all the best! I've bought a new picture called Hostas in acrylics by Margaret Jones I've admired it for 2 years as I love hostas and have at last given into temptation and got it, the hostas in the picture are at Chapelside Garden in Mungrisdale which is open in the National Garden Scheme!
Today on my way to Sharrow Bay I called in to have a tour of Ullswater 'steamers' Western Belle as I have a bride having a trip on it on her wedding day and would like it decorated, so thanks to the crew for the tour. Lastly while at Sharrow Bay a guest (Joan Woodhead) gave us a spare bunch of roses , we dont normally receive flowers from guests , but it turns out she had been exhibiting at Harrogate Spring Flower Show. Her exhibit is called 'Mediterranean Oddessy' as mam and dad are there they took a picture for me and she came second too!
Next week looks equally busy with a wedding at Knipe Hall two demonstrations for Pennine and Eden Valley YFC,s and a night out at Centre Parcs.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring wedding

On Saturday was my first wedding of the season, the weather was beautiful clear skies and sunshine! Despite this we managed to get stuck on a snowdrift when delivering the table jam jars to Knipe Hall ( looking good with a new floor and doors on the dairy ) Josie and Pete were married at Martindale Church above Howtown, Josie and her family got ready from Howtown Hotel a lovely place, the pictures show the flower girls in the garden with their gyp headbands, each one takes an hour to make!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring (!?)

Hello from a very cold Cumbria, spring is showing no signs of appearing here yet! The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy with a day at Special Event Tipis open day @ Low House Armathwaite , got to meet the lovely Annabel from Wedding Tree Workshops! , since has followed enquiries and some bookings very much looking forward to doing the flowers there later in the year! Also a small funeral, and some lovely spring bouquets and a very snowy trip to Sharrow Bay, India came with me we had to abandon the car a walk across the fields- all good fun! Next week see the lovely wedding of Josie at Martindale Church then at Knipe Hall plus a stop of at The Howtown Hottel to drop her bouquet of, lets hope the snows all gone by then! Plus I've at last had a logo designed at last , and am on with adding to my vases for hire with a collection of SylvaC and Falcon vintage vases! Here a a few pictures of events below and a Happy Easter!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Special Event Tipis open day

Really looking forward to decorating inside the tipis tomorrow, using seasons as the themes, have some lovely spring flowers to use and some new plants echverias ( house leeks) in antique terracotta pots too!watch this space for pictures of the end results, hope the rain stays away, in also looking forward to visiting Low House at Armathwaite , the venue!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mothers Day!

Having a pretty busy day with orders for Mothering Sunday, just been out delivering again, more to go in the morning. The spring aqua packs with hyacinths and tulips are really popular!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Wintery day

Very cold day today, lots of snow here tonight hopefully sledging tomorrow! Here a couple of pictures of Sharrow Bay today Phils forced rhubarb is coming along well and there was some lovely bells of Ireland to go in the Wetheriggs pottery vase

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter and Christmas 2012

Happy New Year and what a busy year 2012 was! At the moment things are quiet so a little holiday is planned at the end of the month, I've ordered a few lovely photos of weddings from last year so while I wait for them here are a few pictures of my own from October , November and December