Sunday, 3 May 2015

Busy, busy and British

Hello it's a wet cold day here in Penrith and while the boys are plying with their Lego , I thought it was time I updated my blog!
Wedding season is in full swing, so weekends are full of wedding flowers, some photos below! 
A few other things have been happening so here goes-
-Our current shop window is "wedding season" and I'm encouraging you all to bring in a copy of your wedding photo, we don't mind how long ago it was , and I'll peg them up! Have a look when your passing 9 Brunswick Road.
- I've started trying to get the hang of tweeting/ Twitter having been inspired by James Rebanks / The Herdy Shepards success with Twitter, do follow me @gwflowers ..... which leads me nicely on to my next point!
- I've been trying to stock British Flowers for a few years when in season, but have struggled to find a grower North of Yorkshire. Well I tweeted a picture of my flower seeds, not knowing it was 'British Flower Hour' on Twitter and a supplier and grower in Cornwall replied so now I have a weekly supply of British Flowers alongside my regular deliveries from The Flower Bank! Very exiting I hope it's a success. 
Well the Suns come out so its time for a walk I think..