Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lucy and Joe's Wedding May 2011

Table decorations with gyp, thistle,and dill and Joes butterflies
This weekend has been the wedding of Lucy Dugdale and Joe Butler, I know Lucy through her job at Eden Rivers Trust and was delighted when she asked me to do their flowers, they wanted a naural look with whites and greens and Lucy particulary likes grasses so fountain grass featured in all the bouquets and buttonholes , Lucy also had a special request for some lilly ofv the valley in her bouquet luckily it was perfect at the time so I was able to add a few sprigs to it. Joe also playeda large part in creating the look, it was obvious how creative he is with is job working with his dad a Croglin Toys ( and he spent many hours engraving the hurricane lamps used in the table decorations and lazer cut lots of butterflies also as well as masses of heart 'bunting' and all the table signs named after Cumbrian rivers! So all the results together looked great, have a look at the photos

Lucy's bouquet, roses, snapdragon and jasmine

Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding and Eden Valley Hospice Fundraiser

At last Ive managed to take a weeks holiday so have sat down to update my blog about the last week, last wednesday afternoon whilst driving up Heltondale to Dalefoot Composts to stock up to improve the awfull soil on my allotment, I received a phone call from a lady called Linda from Carlisle way. She asked if Id be available to do a demo on thurday night in House of Fraser with a Royal Wedding theme in aid of Eden Valley Hospice, so I said yes not quite sure what to do of how Id do it as I was a work all of the next 2 days! Well it did all come together with lots of hurried phone calls to the Flower Bank, and Lee helping collect the flowers and babysit. On the night I created a celebratory heart on a foam base covered with ivy and herbs and groups of red gerberas, white spray roses and blue thistle, then a handtied posy that I hoped Kate would have something similar to on the day, with white snapdragons, fountain grass, bluebells (from my friend Dawns garden, she also came along to help on the night along with my mam) and catmint (the nearest thing I could think of to connect the bouquet to Catherine) which turned out georgeous and not too different to what she carried on the day! After that I was going to make a buttonhole with Lilly of the Valley which I thought should feature somewhere on the big day as its in season right now, smells lovely and is just beautiful, this all sounded good and Dawn wired me the lilly of the valley and some thistle then I couldnt find my buttonhole tape anywhere! so we tried normal florists tape that obviously didnt work so the buttonholes were abandoned- such as shame as I do know how to make buttonholes properly but it didnt look like it! Despite the hiccup we all had a great evening and the cupcakes were the best ones Ive ever tasted!
Moving on to the 'big day' it was brilliant Gran, me and Bill and Ted (sometimes) watched it whist enjoying our RW style cupcakes I was so pleased to see lilly of the valley featuring very prominately (my predictions were right) and the field maple trees down the aisle were brilliant so effective but simple, I loved looking at the outfits Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, blue outfit was prefect and so was her sister Santa's, Davis Beckham was looking very hot!! anVictoria seemed to be waering her token scowl!! So Ill now be looking forward to brides wanting small pretty bouquets and trees in church!!